About Our Company

‘Global Market Era’ has entered the garment manufacturing industry by bidding farewell to the ‘Market Protected Production Era’. ‘Quota era’ is history and fierce competition has already started creating history. In garment manufacturing industry, having some strategies and few core strengths would not suffice anymore even to survive. In this information-driven age, the businesses should own expertise to obtain competitive advantage and, achieve and sustain growth. We, Spectrum Lanka Group, with our well-known three companies viz. SLTS, CITI and SLMS would be there to assist your organization to reach your vision, fast and steady.

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Improving quality and reducing waste is in our blood. Let it be “Green Buildings” for your plant complying with international standards or let it be your products made for the world-class buyers; we will support you to improve the quality to globally accepted and expected levels. Let it be the managing of the information pertaining to every area of your organization or let it be the SOPs that would streamline the processes; we could assist you to achieve the competitive edge. Since our inception in the dawn of the millennium, we have being very busy serving a huge clientele in RMG Manufacturing industry. We are completing our 16th year with many success stories to our credit in the RMG Manufacturing industry in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Complying and coping with international standards and recommended practices, Spectrum Lanka has become a benchmark years ago in all areas it leads. Our Technical experts are well equipped with global expertise for two decades and are fine-tuned to Bangladeshi needs over fifteen years. We are one of the flagship RMG Manufacturing consultancy companies and the only one in its kind in Bangladesh having a ‘spectrum’ of services for the RMG Manufacturing industry.

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